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4 March 2009

Mr Hai's tour into the Central Highlands has been the highlight of my visit to Vietnam.  I booked a 3 day 2 night tour and wish I had the money to have traveled longer.  He really knows his stuff! I met other people doing the easy rider trip and they all said they were jealous of me for having such an informative guide and safe driver.  I highly recommend Mr. Hai to anyone thinking of doing an easy rider trip.  We enjoyed lots of things I don't think the other guides could have arranged like joining in a minority people's wedding at the minority people's village and drinking rice wine with the bridegroom.  Mr. Hai made sure I sampled lots of local food which was really good and displayed such hospitality and generosity that I felt truely humbled.  What a fantastic adventure.  I will never forget.  Thank you very much Mr. Hai

David Blaikie, Dunfermline, Scotland dcmbzi(at)


31 January 2009

We met Mr. Hai and Mr. Binh near the beach in Nha Trang.  They promised to show us the "real Vietnam". We booked a wonderful 5 day trip from Nha Trang-Dalat-Dak Lak-Saigon. Hai and Binh were antastic guides and we saw some great sites and met some great people.  We saw silk farms, mushroom farms, met minority mountain people, saw coffee, tea and pepper plantations, amazing lush green jungle and beautiful wateralls.  We went on an unforgettab le elephant trek, held a 12 foot python and took many fantastic photos. Both Hai and Binh delivered an experience we will never forget and we ate fantastic food and stayed in fantastic accomodations with the most amazing scenery. Hai and Binh are great friends and we are booking another Easy Rider with them for our next holidays,  We definitely saw the "Real Vietnam". Ed and Robyn (London)

25 February 2009

Mr. Hai's trip is amazing and anybody reading this must book a trip with him.  We have just finished a 3 day 2 night trip from Nha Trang to Dalat.  The whole experience from start to finish has been amazing.  Mr. Hai met us on the street in Nha Trang and delivered everything he promised, he is really an all round genuine man. The food and accommodation (especially Lak Lake) were incredible.  We really feel like we got to see the real Vietnam.  Highlights include stopping for sugarcane juice and the local ladies working there found us westerners amazing....swimming in the waterfalls, walking over rickety bamboo bridges and seeing how the local people live.  An unforgettable experience and so glad we both came.  Thank you Mr. Hai!!!

Chris and Laura Essex, England Laurasamwell(at)

24 March 2009

We have just finished a 5-day trip through the highlands with Hai and Bun.  We met them (or rather we were accosted by them) while walking along the beach in Nha Trang.  We had originally planned several days of relaxing on a beach bungalow on Whale Island, but I am glad that Hai convinced us to change our minds!  Getting off the beaten tourist track showed us a whole other side to Vietnam that we otherwise would have missed out on.  Our experience is this wonderful country would have been so much less without this experience.  The sights, people and food these guys will take you to and allow you to experrience is priceless.  Don't stress about the cost; this is something you must experrience.  Don't miss out!!

Simon and Kylie, Adelaide (Australia)

19 August 2008

The decision was made by a Rock, Paper, Scissor match.  And what a great win it was!  If you ever get the opportunity to go easy riding with Hai, take it!

Cost is nothing for what you get out of the experience.  Hai is unbelievably friendly and gives you that sense of security while roaming around at night.  His English is fantastic so you can know about anything and everything.  If you really want to see Vietnam, take the easy way, relax and let Hai show you things that you'll never see by riding on a sleeping bus.  How often do you come to Vietnam? Plus his beauty of a bike makes an excellent ride and perfect picutres.  Just do it! No regrets.

Kim, New Zealand : )

25 January 2008

What a fantastic trip.  After meeting Hai on the streets of Nha Trang we decided to take his word for it and embark on a real adventure.  Despite the poor weather our trek could not have been dampened.  Hai was a friend to all which made for a 'real' trip.  Hai's knowledge of the local people and practices was amazing.  Hai...made the effort to make our trip as comortable as possible by doing all the little things.  We fully recommend Hai to anybody who is looking to get off the tourist trail.  Thank you Hai.

Riley and Aithne, Melbourne, Australia

Nearing the end of my travels through SE Asia-I can say without a doubt that Hai is one of the most thorouh and friendly of guides I have come in contact with. He will make your needs his.  My girlfriend and I were fortunate to experience Nha Trang and its surroundings to the fullest.  He has a warm and welcoming family that makes one feel at home.  I part with them all as friends that I truly hope to keep in contact with.

Ryan Wagner, Evanston, IL

To Hai

How can I put the last four days and three nights into words.  You are a compassionate man with a great knowledge of your country, and now you have shared it with myself and Richard.  Learning about Vietnam was a dream come true.  The Minority people and their culture was breathtaking and without your help....we would not have seen it.  Oh, and by the way, food, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, without you I'd still be eating instant noodle, but never agian.  I LOVE VIETNAMESE FOOD AND SAME WITH RICHIE...We never in a million years dreamt of seeing this country the way we have and we thank you dearly.  You are a credit to your country...You're a dear friend and we will never forget you. 

Marie and Richand


Kerry and Cork, Ireland

4 day-3 nights-Nha Trang to Hoi An


My wife and I found Mr. Hai in Nha Trang one night and took up his offer to take a bike tour.  Best adventure of my life.  Saw so many amazing things that you miss in the tourist spots and cities-rice fields, buffalo, waterfalls, jungle, eat authentic food, meet minority communities.  You really experience the true Vietnam. Mr Hai is an extremely capable, safe driver, with a vast knowledge of local history and customs.  Apart from all this, you will make a fantastic friend in a foreign country like we did.  Don't pass it up.  Thank you Hai for such an amazing, life changing journey. 

Adam and Sarah, Sydney, Australia


 This was one of the coolest things I have ever done.  After spending a week on a tour in 2007, I could not wait to return.  I came back to Vietnam (and went on another motorbike tour with Hai from Adventure tours) in 2008!

S. H. Summer, California, USA April 2008

Wow! What a great trip.  We spent Tet with Hai and Binh and had an amazing time seeing the real Vietnam. We went from Nha Trang to Mui Ne in 3 days.  Saw villages, silkworms, many plantations, lake and waterfalls and ate tet cake with a local family.  We were planning to travel by bus to Da Lat but after many trains and buses thought we would do something different.  We met Hai on the streets in Nha Trang after he took us to the cable car.  Would recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure and sick of overnight bus trips.  Thank you Hai and Binh.

Caroline and Stephanie

Perth, Western Australia 8 Feb 2008

Thank you Lam and Hai for a wonderful trip.  2 Aussies one of whom has never been overseas before.  We were approached by this friendly man telling us of the real Vietnam.  Trying to put our apprehensions aside we paid our deposit and arranged for our highland tour.  We were very well looked after.  Lam and Hai showed us things that we would never have seen unless we took the trip.  An experience of a lifetime.  We never felt worried or threatened.  They did everything to accomodate us the whole way.  Thankyou.

Greg and Lisa, Brisbane Australia



Thank you guys!

So here we are at the end of our 4 day trip from Nha Trang to Mui Ne.  My 2 friends, my girlfriend and I are sitting at the dinner table on our sore, spotty asses opposite Hai and Binh about to enjoy our last dinner together.  We have had a wicked 4 days.  We were very sceptical before it began because from Hanoi to Nha Trang all we encountered were dodgy people on cloudy days, but these 4 guys have restored our faith in all that is Vietnamese. We have seen some amazing scenery, seen some fascinating cottage industries (brick making, mushroom growing, chopstick making.)  We visited a magical, mystical pixie oasis near a beautiful waterfal, and ridden on some fantastic roads.  I have ridden motorbikes in many countries around the world and having a guide in Vietnam is not essential, but having Hai and Binh with us has been like having an extra 2 friends with us.  They are friendly, funny and so, so helpful.  Ask and ye shall receive.  Whatever we asked for they tried their very best to sort it out.  You could do a lot worse than have these guys as your guides, but I'd be very surprised if you could do any better. 

Cyrus and Kristy, Camdon/London, England